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Statement Condemning the Gagging and Harassment of Professor S A R Geelani, University of Delhi

By Teachers of Delhi University

Today at about 11.00 a.m. personnel of the Delhi Police Special Cell who claimed to be acting under the oral instructions of their superior officers, forced their way into Prof SAR Geelani's house, manhandled him and attempted to snatch his mobile phones. When Prof Geelani asked to see the written orders sanctioning this action, he was told that there were no written orders. The members of the Special Cell continued to occupy his residence and intimidate him and his family for five hours. They left his house only when journalists who learnt of this incident arrived at his residence. The Special Cell personnel have continued to loiter outside his house since then.

We the undersigned teachers of Delhi University unequivocally and vehemently condemn the attempt to gag, harass and intimidate Prof Geelani and his family. The harassment began on the 9th of February 2013 after the hanging of Afzal Guru, when Prof Geelani was first illegally detained in the Special Cell office for a day, and then placed under house arrest. This harassment has only intensified since that day. Prof Geelani has been openly and explicitly critical of the execution of Afzal Guru, and the police action is an undisguised attempt to censor and silence him.

We demand the immediate removal of the Special Cell members from the vicinity of his house and the discontinuation of all modes of harassment, intimidation and gagging by agencies of the Indian state.

Name                                                                              College/Department

1.      Sadashiv                                                                      Dyal Singh College

2.      Ali Javed                                                                      Dept of Urdu

3.      S K Sareen                                                                   Satyavati College

4.      N Sachin                                                                      Dyal Singh College

5.      Nandini Chandra                                                         Dept of English

6.      Hany Babu                                                                   Dept of English

7.      Nandini Dutta                                                           Miranda House

8.      Anshuman Singh                                                     Dyal Singh College

9.      Jenny Rowena                                                         Miranda House

10.  Arjumand Ara                                                             Dept of Urdu

11.  Ravinder Goel                                                             Satyawati College

12.  Naveen Gaur                                                               Dyal Singh College

13.  Karen Gabriel                                                              St Stephen's College

14.  P K Vijayan                                                                  Hindu College

15.  Apoorvanand                                                               Dept of Hindi

16.  Uma Gupta                                                                  Indraprastha College

17.  Saroj Giri                                                                    Dept of Political Science

18.  Ish Mishra                                                                   Hindu College

19.  G N Saibaba                                                               Ram Lal Anand College

20.  Abha Dev Habib                                                         Miranda House

21.  Nirmalangshu Mukerjee                                             Dept of Philosophy

22.  Yasser Arafath                                                            Dept of History

23.  Nandita Narain                                                           St Stephen's College

24.  Anirban Kar                                                                 Dept of Economics

25.  Shaswati Mazumdar                                                   Dept of Germanic and Romance Studies

26.  Archana Aggarwal                                                      Hindu College

27.  Kumar Sanjay Singh                                                   Swami Shraddhanand College